Fire Safety Consultancy Services

Fire Safety Technical Due Diligence
Certificate Application Review & Compliance Report
Periodic Fire & Safety Risk Audits
(comply with SHWWA 2005)
Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate Applications & Disability Access Certificate Applications
Design, Specification and Management of Fire Safety Remedial Works
Preparation of Fire Safety Evacuation Plans
Annual visual inspection / condition report of onsite fire stopping seals, fire doors, fire rated ducts etc.
General Fire Safety Advice / Responsibilities

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Private sector client for office, retail, industrial & residential, hotels, car parks, etc.
  • Prescriptive & performance based fire engineering.
  • Proactive approach to avoiding design solutions.
  • Strong knowledge of B.Regs / BCR & national and international standards.

Focussed Results

“Dealing with logical fire safety ensured that our asset was inspected and the remediation process was carried out in a professional and prompt manner.”